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Our vision

Afriflora’s main objective is to grow and sell roses that have been sustainably cultivated. This is done while respecting people and the environment. Sustainability, Fair Trade and Corporate Social Responsibility have been important principles at Afriflora Sher for many years. As a result, the company possesses various MPS certificates in the Netherlands as well as Ethiopië. Afriflora Sher and Sher Ethiopia have been Fair Trade certified since 2012.



Sustainable development is one of the spearheads of Sher Ethiopië.


Health care

For employees of Sher Ethiopië is the medical care free of charge.



View the extensive rose assortment of Afriflora Sher.



Sher Ethiopië the largest rose grower in the world.

Sustainability has been the benchmark ever since Afriflora was founded in 2005.

Roses sold by Afriflora Sher are produced on the Sher Ethiopië farm, where many types of roses are cultivated in natural conditions re-created in metal greenhouses featuring a plastic deck. In terms of the environment, Afriflora Sher does its utmost to use natural conditions as effectively as possible. Natural enemies of harmful insects have been used for many years, which has resulted in stronger plants that are less susceptible to diseases and plagues, and to a reduction in crop protection products.