In “Sher Ethiopië”, Afriflora Sher possesses the largest rose farm in the world. Aalsmeer-based Afriflora Sher processes 3 to 4 million roses every day. After processing, roses are either sold via auction or are sold directly to customers via “direct sales”.


Afriflora’s main objective is to grow and sell roses that have been sustainably cultivated. This is done while respecting people and the environment. Sustainability, Fair Trade and Corporate Social Responsibility have been important principles at Afriflora for many years. As a result, the company possesses various MPS certificates in the Netherlands as well as Ethiopia. Afriflora and Sher Ethiopia have been Fair Trade certified since 2012.

Afriflora Sher has been ISO certified for many years.
ISO quality norms have been developed to effectively manage and supervise the company, and to continuously evaluate and optimise performance.