Sustainability has been the benchmark ever since Afriflora Sher was founded in 2005.

people-planet-profit26-41370Roses sold by Afriflora Sher are produced on the Sher Ethiopia farm, where many types of roses are cultivated in natural conditions re-created in metal greenhouses featuring a plastic deck. In terms of the environment, Afriflora Sher does its utmost to use natural conditions as effectively as possible. Natural enemies of harmful insects have been used for many years, which has resulted in stronger plants that are less susceptible to diseases and plagues, and to a reduction in crop protection products.

Investing in employees

The flower business is a people business – this also applies to Sher Ethiopia. Local people look after the crops and the harvest, and also package the roses. In short, local people are a key factor to the success of the farm. A lot of investments are also being made in training and teaching employees about all activities. For example, the use of natural enemies has resulted in a training programme for a team of scouts, who are responsible for evaluating crops for diseases and plagues, and are given constant training to keep them up-to-date. In order to safeguard neutrality and objectivity, the company is inspected by MPS-ECAS and Flo-cert, who are responsible for monitoring growers and traders.


Roses can only be grown in a sustainable manner if a sustainable personnel policy is implemented. To ensure this, Sher Ethiopia has been certified using internationally renowned standards like MPS-Socially Qualified and Fair Trade (Max Havelaar). These certifications are based on ILO (International Label Law). This approach means working with employment contracts, paying a minimum wage that is above the minimum wage in Ethiopia, right to holiday leave, a maximum number of hours per working week (48 hours), right to maternity leave, etc.

Social projects

Besides establishing a sustainable personnel policy, Afriflora Sher has also set up a number of social projects in the surroundings. Sher Hospital is located immediately adjacent to the farm. Costs for the employees of Sher Ethiopië whom visiting the hospital are fully covered by Afriflora Sher. Besides Sher Hospital, Afriflora Sher also supports various other projects like education (a primary school and a secondary school), the construction of a church and several infrastructure projects in Ziway.

All decisions, plans and activities are aimed at creating lasting relationships with suppliers, employees, clients and your customers: consumers.