Sustainable development is an important principle at Sher Ethiopië and Afriflora. That is why local schools have been built.Learning to read, write and count is an investment that lasts a lifetime!

This has helped to create the foundations for a better future for the children of employees.
Eventually, the education system will offer places to 6000 children.

Half of the pupils are children of employees, while the other half are choosen by village elders. All pupils receive free education, while toddlers also receive free food and drinks.

Lessons are taught in accordance with English standards. Rooms are available for biology, computer science and manual labour.
To support the learning process, a large library has been established at the primary schools as well as the secondary school.

The first group of primary school children complete their studies in 2014, and can now proceed to secondary

Construction activities at the secondary school, which features 35 classrooms, 5 practical rooms, a laboratory and a library, will be completed in 2017.
Each year, enough classrooms and practical areas will be built to start teaching a new year-group of pupils.

Besides general subjects, pupils in secondary education will also be taught about technology.
This will help to improve their earning and employment opportunities in the future.