Afriflora Sher has built a modern hospital immediately next to the greenhouse complex.

Costs for the employees of Sher Ethiopië whom visiting the hospital are fully covered by Afriflora. For other people a small amount, which is well below the actual cost, is charged for medicine and hospital visits. This helps to avoid unnecessary hospital visits and allows work to be carried out in a much more efficient manner. This approach also helps to ensure effective medical care for the whole community.
It is the only hospital in the extended region, so an ambulance is used to collect patients who have to travel long distances.

The hospital is completely paper-free because another system is used to register all patient details. The hospital employs many well qualified doctors, nurses and carers, who are able to access all medical equipment needed to provide the right level of care.

The hospital features:

• Ambulance
• 240 beds
• 15 well qualified doctors
• 30 nurses
• Operating room
• X-ray equipment
• Modern laboratory
• Pharmacy

• Maternity ward
• Incubators
• Dentist
• Eye clinic
• Mortuary
• Patient registration
• Information about family planning
• VCT department (Voluntary Counselling and Testing)


The VCT department is an access point for early prevention, care and support for AIDS patients.
In this department patients receive professional support before and after their HIV test. They receive support in order to prepare for and understand the test results.

Patients with a negative test result learn how to prevent getting infected by other people. Patients with a positive test result learn how to live a healthier life, in order to live longer. Naturally, they also learn how to prevent infecting other people.