Other projects

Sonstige projekte

Culture and self-esteem can be stimulated via sport and games, for which facilities have been specially developed.

Afriflora Sher has constructed a multifunctional sports complex and stadium behind the greenhouse complex. This stadium is used for football leagues established among the workforce, and for leagues between the various companies involved in the Sher Ethiopië project. A road has been specially built from Ziway, which means everyone is able to access the stadium. A club house has also been built where a variety of ceremonies are held, including weddings and funerals. Naturally, employees and other Ziway residents can also come here for a cosy drink and a tasty bite to eat. The newly constructed hospital, school, court building and police building can be added to the list of realized projects.

Financial support

A beautiful church has also been built behind the farm, which was partly financed by Afriflora Sher. Local projects involving water management and infrastructure are also being financially supported.


Businesses from the immediate surroundings are deployed in all projects. This helps to create new jobs and future employment opportunities.