Water purification

Water is crucial, certainly in Africa. Afriflora Sher is very aware of this and uses water in a very efficient manner. This efficiency starts by collecting drainage water, and leftover water from sprayers, buckets, packaging halls, cooling cells, offices, toilets and canteens.

Special filters have been developed to purify polluted water before it is used to water the roses. Several filters have been placed inside greenhouses. A filter is a natural system, which is filled with carbon and used to grow various types of reed plants. Water purification is actually carried out by the roots of the plants.

Water passes through the various filters and, before it flows back into Lake Ziway, enters a basin featuring fish – at this moment, it is cleaner than water in the lake itself. Development of this closed system means waste water does not enter the surroundings, and that everything is being done to create a healthy environment.